Air-C Pro Return instructions

How do I prepare my Air-C Pro for return?

Below is a list of short & concise instructions to get your Air-C Pro return accepted. In addition to these rules, it is also important to comply with Article 16 of Fusion Recovery's return policy.
NOTE: If one of the following rules (or Article 16 of the Fusion Recovery Return Policy) is clearly not complied with, Fusion Recovery reserves the right to withhold a portion of the return amount. This can be up to a maximum of 100% of the purchase price.

1. Ensure that all air has been removed from the chambers.

Go through all the chambers and press them well so that the air is completely drained out. Do this for both legs.

2. Make sure the Velcro strips are free of dust and hair.

Check all Velcro strips and clean them with a ribbon roller. This will easily remove all hair and dust on the Velcro strips. This is essential to double-check as this is the most common reason for rejected returns.

3. Make sure the air hoses are clean.

Run a clean, damp cloth along the air hoses to make them dust- and hair-free as well.

4. Check that the package is complete.

Check that all parts, including extra Velcro strips, are included in the return shipment. It is important that everything is complete to get your return approved.

5. Put the Air-C Pro leg massager in its original packaging.

To get your return approved, it must be returned in the original Fusion Recovery Air-C Pro packaging.

6. Put the original packaging in an enveloping box.

Put the original Fusion Recovery Air-C Pro packaging in a larger, enclosing box and top it up with newspapers around the original packaging to prevent it from shifting in transit.

Congratulations, your Air-C Pro is ready for return!


Article 16 - Return Policy Air-C Pro leg massager

Our leg massage device is equiped with an EU adapter. So we supply this with an EU adapter, or there has to be something else mentioned on the product page. It is possible to connect the leg massager to the power network with an EU converter.

Air-C Pro Returning Conditions:

1. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality products, and we understand that testing the leg massage device may be necessary to assess its effectiveness. However, to ensure the quality of our products and the satisfaction of all our customers, we have established certain return conditions. Please read the conditions below carefully before submitting a return request:

Undamaged Condition: The leg massage device should be returned in unused and undamaged condition. Please ensure that the product has not been subjected to excessive wear, dirt, or damage during testing.

Hygiene: For hygienic reasons, it is essential that the leg massage device be tested on a clean surface and that any air hoses, Velcro straps, or other parts remain free of dust, hair, or other contaminants.

Original Packaging: The product must be returned in its original packaging. Carelessly placing the product in the box without the original protection and padding is not permitted.

Complete Return: Ensure that all accessories, manuals and other included items are complete and returned with the product. An incomplete returned product may result in rejection of the return request.

Undamaged Box: The original product box must be undamaged. Damaged boxes may result in denial of the return request.
If a return does not meet the above conditions, we reserve the right to reject the return request or reduce a refund based on the degree of damage or contamination.

2. Refurbished model cannot be returned due to complete clearance of the range. Upon purchase, you agree to the terms and conditions.